"The designers at HABITAT Landscape Architecture showed me more potential than I ever imagined for my home." —Daniel Weaver

"Their willingness to ask questions, to collaborate and really know us and how we live our life made our landscape feel more like us." —Tom and Molly Page

"HABITAT really listened to the experience we wanted to get from our outdoor space, how we wanted it to feel for family and friends." —Joan and Bill Feldman

"We wanted to see a view out every window and for every view to look like a painting. And you know what? They do." —Tom Smith

"HABITAT took the time to understand the way we live. Our landscape feels like an extension of our home. It feels like a reflection of our lives." —Daralene Finnel

"I feel really good about the responsible, resource-conscious outcome of this landscape. Day after day, this place inspires me. All that and the beauty of it, the simple, natural beauty." —Neil Bradshaw

"Every person who comes into my garden interprets it differently. Invariably their experience is very personal and what they see makes them happy." —Linda Jensen

"What was once an unusable space now provides endless hours of adventure and discovery for our grandchildren." —Anne Atherton

"We were thrilled when our daughter asked to have her wedding reception at home. HABITAT helped us create a picture perfect venue that fulfilled all of our dreams." —Mary Lynn Turner

"We appreciate the sensitivity of HABITAT’s design. We feel that our house has been integrated into the landscape in a true marriage of nature and culture." —Jack and Inge-lise Lane

"HABITAT’s planning and forward thinking impressed me. Not only did they deliver our landscape on-time and on-budget, they delivered on the promise that maintenance would scale back as the landscape grew." —Colleen and Jerry Higman

"Using biological filtering, HABITAT transforms algae-ridden ponds into clean, chemical-free environments. The results are gorgeous." —Kevin Lenane

"I was so surprised I could have a colorful and diverse landscape requiring such minimal maintenance!" —Julie Wrigley

"HABITAT solved a major noise issue for me so that I could retreat to a quiet creative space." —Tim Mott